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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-07-10Active Inclusion Learning Network. Including the excludedISFOL; Mangano, Giovanna
2012-06-20Thematic proposal for next activities. Call for proposal for reinforcing Learning NetworksISFOL; Mangano, Giovanna
2014-09-22Active Inclusion Learning Network. Primo incontro di scambio 'Troubled Families'. Documenti e prodottiISFOL; Mangano, Giovanna; National Offender Management Service (NOMS)
2013-11-28Active inclusion learning network. Final Minutes. First Steering Group MeetingISFOL; National Offender Management Service (NOMS); Lau, Kim; Mangano, Giovanna
2013-12-03Active Inclusion Learning Network- Guidelines for the Research frameworkISFOL; Università di Bucarest; Durnescu, Ioan; Mangano, Giovanna
2014-02-27Active inclusion learning network. Secondo Steering GroupISFOL; Mangano, Giovanna
2014-10-17Active Inclusion Learning Network. Terzo incontro di scambio Marginalised in Communities. Systematic ReviewISFOL; Mangano, Giovanna; Balourdos, Dionyssis; Durnescu, Ioan; Georgiou, Craig; National Offender Management Service (UK)
2015-12How to improve inclusion policies and the use of European funds. ActiveRecommendations from theTransnational Learning Network "Active Inclusion”ISFOL; Mangano, Giovanna
2015-10-23Active Inclusion Learning Network Peer review “Troubled Families"ISFOL; National Offender Management Service; Durnescu, Ioan; Mangano, Giovanna; Williams, Rhianon
2012-06-21Call for proposals VP/2012/005. Reinforce LNs for a more effective implementation of transnational actions under the ESF 2007-2013ISFOL; Mangano, Giovanna