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2015-11-18Active Inclusion Learning Network Peer review: Marginalised in CommunitiesISFOL; National Offender Management Service
2015-11-05Being NEET. Neither in education nor in employment. First results from a sociological surveyISFOL; Franzosi, Claudio
2015-10-23Active Inclusion Learning Network Peer review “Troubled Families"ISFOL; National Offender Management Service; Durnescu, Ioan; Mangano, Giovanna; Williams, Rhianon
2015-11-18Active Inclusion Learning Network. Transnational peer review: Disaffected Youth - NEETISFOL; National Offender Management Service; Durnescu, Ioan
2015-10-19Active Inclusion LN. Struttura del Report Finale della Rete Transnazionale “Active Inclusion"ISFOL; Active Inclusion Research Group; Durnescu, Ioan; Emmet, Francesca; Mangano, Giovanna; Law, Heather
2012-12-10Seminario trasnazionale "Contrastare la crisi: esperienze e prospettive per l’inclusione attiva in Europa. [email protected]: una rete per il lavoro"ISFOL
2012-12-10From Flexicurity to Mobication. The changes of employment policies at European levelISFOL; Rosati, Sofia Demetrula
2013-12-03Active Inclusion Learning Network- Guidelines for the Research frameworkISFOL; Università di Bucarest; Durnescu, Ioan; Mangano, Giovanna
2012-10-01Il percorso di analisi autovalutativa: nelle regioni Convergenza e in Sardegna: prime considerazioni di sintesiISFOL; Ciampi, Silvia
2013-07-10Active Inclusion Learning Network. Including the excludedISFOL; Mangano, Giovanna