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Brunetti_Cirillo_Intraligi_Ricci_Low-skill_jobs_and_Routine_tasks_Prague_2019.pdf.jpg2019-05-29Low-skill jobs and routine tasks specialization: new insights from Italian provincesBrunetti, Irene; Cirillo, Valeria; Intraligi, Valerio; Ricci, Andrea
INAPP_Brunetti_Ricci_LabourMarketChangesNonStandardWorkers_Italy_AdministrativeData_MOSPI_2019.pdf.jpg2019-10-09The labour market changes and non-standard workers in Italy: evidences from administrative dataBrunetti, Irene; Ricci, Andrea
Brunetti_Cirillo_Ricci_Tecnologia_InappPaper_2018.pdf.pdf.jpg2018-10Tecnologia e variazione dell'occupazione nei mercati locali del lavoroBrunetti, Irene; Cirillo, Valeria; Ricci, Andrea
INAPP_Cirillo_Raitanno_Ricci_Labour_productivity_SIE_2019.pdf.jpg2019-11-04Labour productivity and wage dynamics: the role of within-firm labour market segmentation in high-tech and low-tech firmsCirillo, Valeria; Raitano, Michele; Ricci, Andrea
2021-12-28Job polarization in Italy: structural change and routinizationIntraligi, Vittorio; Ricci, Andrea; Vittori, Claudia
2022-03-31Technological externalities and wages: new evidence from Italian provincesDughera, Stefano; Quatraro, Francesco; Ricci, Andrea; Vittori, Claudia
2021-12Upgrading Italy's Industrial Capacity: Industry 4.0 across Regions and SectorsCirillo, Valeria; Fanti, Lucrezia; Mina, Andrea; Ricci, Andrea
2021-12-13Nuove tecnologie e internazionalizzazione: quale spazio per le politiche industriali e del lavoroFerri, Valentina; Ricci, Andrea
2021-11-18Imprese, lavoro e politiche pubbliche: analisi ed evidenze empiricheINAPP; Brunetti, Irene; Ricci, Andrea
2022-02-10Digital technologies, labor market flows and investment in training: Evidence from Italian employer-employee dataCirillo, Valeria; Mina, Andrea; Ricci, Andrea