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dc.contributor.authorDeidda, Massimiliano
dc.contributor.authorCentra, Marco
dc.contributor.authorGualtieri, Valentina
dc.contributor.authorScicchitano, Sergio
dc.contributor.authorVillosio, Claudia
dc.contributor.authorTrentini, Francesco
dc.contributor.authorCollegio Carlo Alberto
dc.identifier.citationINAPP, Collegio Carlo Alberto (2021), Counterfactual impact evaluation of hiring incentives and EPL reduction on youth employment in Italy, Roma, Torino, INAPP, Collegio Carlo Alberto <>
dc.description.abstractThis study uses a counterfactual approach based on administrative registry data to evaluate the impact on youth employment of two selected demand-side public policies implemented in Italy in 2015: a rebate of social security costs (Law 190/2014, art. 1, c. 118) and a reduction in the costs to employers of firing employees (D. lgs n. 23/2015 under Law 183/2014).it_IT
dc.description.sponsorshipYEP - Youth Employment PartnerSHIPit_IT
dc.subjectOccupazione giovanileit_IT
dc.subjectPolitiche dell'occupazioneit_IT
dc.subjectAnalisi statisticait_IT
dc.titleCounterfactual impact evaluation of hiring incentives and EPL reduction on youth employment in Italyit_IT
dc.typeTechnical Reportit_IT
dc.type.relationTechnical Report;
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