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Title: Evaluating hiring incentives: evidence from Italian firms
Authors: Brunetti, Irene
Martino, Enrica M.
Ricci, Andrea
Keywords: Impresa
Incentivi all'occupazione
Valutazione delle politiche
Issue Date: 19-Sep-2020
Citation: Brunetti I., Martino E.M., Ricci A., Evaluating hiring incentives: evidence from Italian firms, Intervento a "XIII Conferenza ESPAnet Italia", 19 Settembre 2020 <>
Abstract: Active labor market policies participation has been intense in recent decades, especially during the recovery from the financial crisis. The economic literature generally concentrates on subsequent labor market performance of unemployed people that have participated to training programs or have spent a period in a subsidised job. The effects of a programme on firms’ behaviour have rarely been evaluated. This paper wants to propose an evaluation of the private sector incentives to employers programme established by the Italian legislation for 2017.
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