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Title: Italian workers at risk during the Covid-19 epidemic
Authors: Barbieri, Teresa
Basso, Gaetano
Scicchitano, Sergio
Keywords: Condizioni di lavoro
Emergenza sanitaria
Sicurezza sul lavoro
Issue Date: 10-Apr-2020
Citation: Barbieri T., Basso G., Scicchitano S. (2020), Italian workers at risk during the Covid-19 epidemic, Roma, Inapp, WP, 46 <>
Abstract: We analyse the content of Italian occupations operating in about 600 sectors with a focus on the dimensions that expose workers to contagion risks during the Covid-19 epidemics. To do so we leverage extremely detailed and granular information from ICP, the Italian equivalent of O*Net. We find that several sectors need physical proximity to operate: the workers employed in Italy in sectors whose physical proximity index is above the national average are more than 6.5 million (most of them in retail trade). Groups at risk of contagion and complications from Covid-19 (mainly male above the age of 50) work in sectors that are little exposed to physical proximity, currently under lockdown or can work remotely.
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