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Title: Platform workers in Italy: an empirical exploration on worker-level data
Authors: Cirillo, Valeria
Guarascio, Dario
Scicchitano, Sergio
Keywords: Gig economy
Mercato del lavoro
Issue Date: 9-Oct-2019
Citation: Cirillo V., Guarascio D., Scicchitano S., Platform workers in Italy: an empirical exploration on worker-level data, Intervento a "First international workshop MOSPI", Roma, MEF, 7 ottobre 2019 < >
Abstract: This presentation aims at providing empirical evidences over a range of issues related to the labour markets generated by the digital platforms and to people working in there. Particularly worthy of interest, the following issues: the share of those working for a digital platform; the distribution of platform work in terms of gender, age and educational status; the evantual “pension gap” between platform workers and non-platform workers in terms of years of contributions.
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