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dc.contributor.authorCollegio Carlo Alberto
dc.identifier.citationCollegio Carlo Alberto, Inapp, Youth employment partnerSHIP. Evaluation studies in Spain, Hungary, Italy and Poland, Intervento a "2nd Partner Meeting", Budapest, 23-24 May 2019 <>
dc.description.abstractThe project aims at evaluating employment initiatives targeting youth in Spain, Hungary, Italy and Poland. The participating countries share common challenges of high youth unemployment and low capacity to perform high quality impact studies of youth employment initiatives. INAPP joins this project in partnership with the "Collegio Carlo Albero"; a report will disseminate the research activity outputs. This presentation shows the three parts expected by the report, also anticipating some data and evidences.en_US
dc.subjectOccupazione giovanileen_US
dc.subjectPolitiche pubblicheen_US
dc.subjectValutazione delle politicheen_US
dc.titleYouth employment partnerSHIP. Evaluation studies in Spain, Hungary, Italy and Polanden_US
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