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dc.contributor.authorPaliotta, Achille Pierre
dc.identifier.citationPaliotta A.P., Nuevas profesiones y técnicas de web data mining en Argentina: el caso del Data Scientist, Revista del Centro de Estudios de Sociologìa del Trabajo, n. 10, 2018, p. 97-113 <>it_IT
dc.description.abstractData science is an emerging and continuously growing field, which is particularly expanding in the context of business organizations through the demand of data scientists, professionals who are associated with that field of specialization. The article presents an analysis on this new profession, based on the extraction of unstructured data from a vertical search engine. It is an exploratory study focused on Argentina, where there is no information about this professional profile. The aim was to identify and reconstruct the profile of the data scientist in relation to the skills and technical-professional competencies demanded, using a methodology that demonstrates effectiveness in extracting useful information from virtual platforms on job offers.it_IT
dc.publisherUniversidad de Buenos Airesit_IT
dc.subjectCompetenze digitaliit_IT
dc.subjectData managementit_IT
dc.subjectTecnologie digitaliit_IT
dc.titleNuevas profesiones y técnicas de web data mining en Argentina: el caso del Data Scientistit_IT
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