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Title: Task changes and labour demand in main European countries: some further evidence
Authors: De Nardis, Sergio
Parente, Francesca
Keywords: Innovazione tecnologica
Mercato del lavoro
Issue Date: 17-Sep-2020
Citation: De Nardis S., Parente F., Task changes and labour demand in main European countries: some further evidence, Intervento a "XIII Conferenza ESPAnet Italia", 17 settembre 2020 <>
Abstract: Drawing on the methodological framework from Acemoglu and Restrepo (2019), this presentation intends to provide further evidence of the effects of the latest waves of technological change on the labor market. Focusing on the deceleration of the wage bill and the reduction of the labor share that took place in the main European countries in recent decades, along with the introduction of automation technologies and new jobs-tasks, the paper aims at investigating the shifts occurred in the major components of the labor demand. Especially, it targets the role of the task content of production, in an effort to highlight technology-related displacing and reinstating forces that contributed to such change. NOTE: the draft of the paper related to this presentation is among documets attached in pdf
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