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Title: The situation of Young NEETs in Europe: characteristics, costs and policy responses
Authors: Salvatore, Lidia
Keywords: Disoccupazione giovanile
Inclusione sociale
Issue Date: 10-Dec-2012
Abstract: Presentation. Slides are on Youth unemployment and related issues. The focus is on the emerging concept of NEETs (Young People Not in Employment, Education and Training) which identifies a high risk target group: in fact, NEETs are those young people who are in a status of not-accumulating Human Capital through formal channels and thus risking social and labour exclusion. Moreover, NEET status may lead to a wide range of negative social conditions, such as disaffection, isolation, insecure and underpaid employment, crime, and mental and physical health problems. These outcomes each have a cost attached to them and therefore being NEET is not just a problem for the individual but also for societies and economies as a whole. The presentation concludes providing indications on how to set out policies allowing effective solutions to NEETs issues. 29/11/2012
Description: Salvatore, L., The situation of Young NEETs in Europe: characteristics, costs and policy responses, Intervento a “Contrastare la crisi: esperienze e prospettive per l’inclusione attiva in Europa. Net@work: una rete per il lavoro”, Roma, Isfol, 29 novembre 2012. Isfol OA: <>
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