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Title: Racing with or against the machine? Evidence from Europe
Authors: Gregory, Terry
Salomons, Anna
Zierahn, Ulrich
Keywords: Innovazione tecnologica
Analisi delle mansioni
Organizzazione del lavoro
Issue Date: 29-Nov-2018
Citation: Gregory T., Salomons A., Zierahn U., Racing with or against the machine? Evidence from Europe, Intervento a "International conference The socio-economic impact of technological change", Roma, Inapp, 29 - 30 novembre 2018 <>
Abstract: Starting from issues such as alarmism in public press which theorizes the “end of work”, in a view of technology only as complement to skilled labor, in this presentation authors estimate key parameters to analyze the RRTC (Routine Replacing Technological Change) in Europe in terms of net employment.
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