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Title: Young NEET in Italy: scenario and outlooks for interventions
Authors: ISFOL
Franzosi, Claudio
Keywords: Disoccupazione giovanile
Issue Date: 10-Dec-2012
Abstract: Presentation. This contribution aims at analysing the emerging concept of NEETs Young People Not in Employment, Education and Training) which identifies a high risk target group: in fact, NEETs are those young people who are in a status of not-accumulating Human Capital through formal channels and thus risking social and labour exclusion. Data provided on NEETs cover different aspects (by gender, age group, geographical areas, etc). To face this social issue, several actions are provided at Ue level from the Commission. Moreover, Italian Government has also set out measures addressing the matter. The presentation ends announcing a new Isfol research, aimed at better knowing the NEETs phenomenon and its consequences: “Inactivity among young Italian people 25-34 year old”. 29/11/2012
Description: ISFOL, Franzosi, C., Young NEET in Italy: scenario and outlooks for interventions, Intervento a “Contrastare la crisi: esperienze e prospettive per l’inclusione attiva in Europa. Net@work: una rete per il lavoro”, Roma, Isfol, 29 novembre 2012. Isfol OA: <>
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