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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-10-15Young adults/Youth in transition: Linking better lifelong learning with employment opportunities in Europe (YOULINK)Holmarsdottir, Halla B.; YOULINK Consortium
2012-12-10Young NEET in Italy: scenario and outlooks for interventionsISFOL; Franzosi, Claudio
INAPP_CCA_YOUTH_National_Report_Italy_2020_Draft.jpg2020-04Youth employment partnership [...] The WP 3 National Report - Italy. DraftCollegio Carlo Alberto; INAPP
INAPP_CCA_slides_CIE_20-11_2020.pdf.jpg2020-11-20Youth Employment PartnerSHIP. Counterfactual impact evaluation of hiring incentives and EPL reduction on youth employment in ItalyINAPP; Collegio Carlo Alberto
Inapp_CCA_Youth_Employment_PartnerSHIP_II_Meeting_Budapest_May_2019.pdf.jpg2019-05-23Youth employment partnerSHIP. Evaluation studies in Spain, Hungary, Italy and PolandCollegio Carlo Alberto; INAPP
INAPP_Deidda_Youth_employment_partnerSHIP_novembre_2019.pdf.jpg2019-11-11Youth employment partnerSHIP. Evaluation studies in Spain, Hungary, Italy and PolandDeidda, Massimiliano
Berloffa et al_cover.png.jpg2021-07-01Youth employment trajectories and labour market reforms during the Great Recession in EuropeBerloffa, Gabriella; ┼×andor, Alina; Smith, Mark; Villa, Paola
2014-10-20Youth Entrepreneurship in Italy. An Overview from IsfolISFOL; Di Saverio, Maria; Scialdone, Antonello; Villante, Claudia
2015-01-16Youth Guarantee and the Italian PES: insights from ISFOL PLUS Survey dataMandrone, Emiliano; D'Angelo, David
2023-01-20Youth guarantee programme, employment and productivity: evidence from employer-employees dataBrunetti, Irene
2013-12-06A Youth Guarantee. The Nordic concept of the Youth GuaranteeMascherini, Massimiliano
2023-10-14Zio Paperone e il salario minimoMandrone, Emiliano