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Inapp_LarssonLeyaroPalmer_Harnessing_WP33_2019.pdf.jpg2019-08-01Harnessing a young nation's demographic dividends through a universal NDC pension scheme: a case study of TanzaniaLarsson, Bo; Leyaro, Vincent; Palmer, Edward
INAPP_Cirillo_Ricci_Heterogeneous_Effects_Temporary_Employment_2020.pdf.jpg2020-02-04Heterogeneous effects of temporary employment on productivity and wages in the italian business firmsINAPP; Cirillo, Valeria; Ricci, Andrea
INAPP_Brunetti_Cirillo_Ferri_Higher_Educated_Lower_Paid_Presentation_2019.pdf.jpg2019-09-21Higher educated, lower paid: the fixed term wage penalty among graduates (Presentazione)Brunetti, Irene; Cirillo, Valeria; Ferri, Valentina
INAPP_Brunetti_Cirillo_Ferri_HigherEducated_SIE_2019.pdf.jpg2019-10-25Higher educated, lower paid: the fixed-term wage penalty among graduatesBrunetti, Irene; Cirillo, Valeria; Ferri, Valentina
INAPP_Brunetti_Cirillo_Ferri_Higher_Educated_Lower_Paid_2019.pdf.jpg2019-09-21Higher educated, lower paid: the fixed-term wage penalty among graduates (Paper)Brunetti, Irene; Cirillo, Valeria; Ferri, Valentina
INAPP_Brunetti_Cirillo_Ferri_Higher_educated_ lower_paid_AIEL_2020.pdf.jpg2020-09-18Higher educated, lower paid: the fixed-term wage penalty within highly educated workers in ItalyBrunetti, Irene; Cirillo, Valeria; Ferri, Valentina
INAPP_Vom_Lehn_How_Has_Recent_Technology_Changed_Labor_2018.pdf.jpg2018-11-30How has recent technology changed the labor market? A quantitative macroeconomic perspectivevom Lehn, Christian
2012-04-12How to engage policy makers in evaluation. Production, dissemination and use of impact evaluation in Italy: the ESF experience from 2000-2006 to 2007-2013ISFOL; Severati, Paolo
Koski_Quality_VET_Finland.pdf.jpg2018-05-10How to ensure the quality of VET, self-assessment and external evaluation in FinlandKoski, Leena
INAPP_Fonzo_How_Ensure_Quality_Through_Peer_Review_Methodolog_Italian_Experience.pdf.jpg2018-05-10How to ensure the quality through Peer Review Methodology, the Italian experienceFonzo, Concetta
2015-12How to improve inclusion policies and the use of European funds. ActiveRecommendations from theTransnational Learning Network "Active Inclusion”ISFOL; Mangano, Giovanna
2012-04-13How to make impact evaluation feasible and cheapISFOL; Severati, Paolo
2014-11-04Human capital, training, skills mismatch: empty words or a real solution?ISFOL; Bulgarelli, Aviana Maria
Ekkehard_Human_vs_machine_International_conference_Inapp_2018.pdf.jpg2018-11-29Human vs machine intelligence Complements not substitutesErnst, Ekkehard
INAPP_Sacchi_Condivisione_rischio_disoccupazione_Policy_brief_10_2018.pdf.jpg2018-12-14I cittadini europei e la condivisione del rischio in caso di disoccupazioneBurgoon, Brian; Hegewald, Sven; Kuhn, Theresa; Nicoli, Francesco; Sacchi, Stefano; van der Duin, David; Vandenbroucke, Frank; INAPP; Università di Amsterdam
INAPP_Ferri_Tesauro_Fondi_Interprofessionali_Strategia_Impresa_2018.pdf.jpg2018-06-02I Fondi interprofessionali nella strategia d’impresaFerri, Valentina; Tesauro, Giuliana
INAPP_SWG_Formatori_IeFP_Qualità_ Sistema_Board_Eqavet_2018_.pdf.jpg2018-06I formatori dell'istruzione e della formazione professionale (IeFP) e la qualità del sistema. Sintesi della propostaINAPP; SWG
Grassi_Formatori_IeFP_e_QA_Conferenza_internazionale_EQAVET_2018.pdf.jpg2018-12-06I formatori dell’Istruzione e Formazione Professionale (IeFP) e la qualità del sistemaGrassi, Riccardo
P36_Data_Show-Gig_Plus_2018.pdf.jpg2018I Gig workers in ItaliaCioccolo, Valeria
INAPP_Bergamante_Canal_Giovani_Lavoro_Transizioni_Ricerca_Qualità_Occupazione_2019.pdf.jpg2019-02-01I giovani e il lavoro: transizioni, canali di ricerca e qualità dell'occupazioneBergamante, Francesca; Canal, Tiziana