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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-07-31The ABCs of NDCsHolzmann, Robert
2019-08-01Administrative requirements and prospects for universal NDCs in emerging economiesPalacios, Robert
2019-08-01Communicating NEST pensions for “New” DC savers in the United KingdomSandbrook, Will; Ravi-Burslem, Ranila
2019-08-01Developing coherent pension systems: design issues for private pension supplements to NDC schemesPrice, William
2019-08-01Drivers of the gender gap in pensions: evidence from EU-SILC and the OECD pension modelLis, Maciej; Bonthuis, Boele
2014-10-14Efficienza fisica e produttività in età avanzataISFOL; Colombo, Davide; Mandrone, Emiliano
2019-08-01Gender and family: conceptual overviewBarr, Nicholas
2019-08-01Harnessing a young nation's demographic dividends through a universal NDC pension scheme: a case study of TanzaniaLarsson, Bo; Leyaro, Vincent; Palmer, Edward
2019-08-01The impact of lifetime events on pensions: NDC schemes in Poland, Italy, and Sweden and the point scheme in GermanyChlon-Dominczak, Agnieszka; Gora, Marek; Kotowska, Irena E.; Magda, Iga; Ruzik-Sierdzinska, Anna; Strzelecki, Paweł
2019-08-01Labor market participation and postponed retirement in central and eastern EuropeGal, Robert I.; Rado, Marta
2019-08-01NDC schemes and heterogeneity in longevity: proposals for redesignHolzmann, Robert; Alonso-Garcia, Jennifer; Labit-Hardy, Heloise; Villegas, Andres M.
2019-08-01NDC schemes and the labor market: issues and optionsHolzmann, Robert; Robalino, David; Hernan, Winkler
2019-07-31NDC: the generic old-age pension schemeGora, Marek; Palmer, Edward
2019-08-01Pensions in a globalizing world: how do (N)DC and (N)DB schemes fare and compare on portability and taxation?Genser, Bernd; Holzmann, Robert
2019-07-31The Polish NDC scheme: success in the face of adversityBuchholtz, Sonia; Dominczak, Chlon-Agnieszka; Gora, Marek
2019-08-01The politics of NDC pension scheme diffusion: constraints and driversGuardiancich, Igor; Weaver, R. Kent; Demarco, Gustavo; Dorfman, Mark C.
2014-09-12Il prolungamento della vita attiva. Le possibili implicazioni delle riforme sulla qualità della partecipazione e il rischio di un incremento dello svantaggio socialeISFOL; Checcucci, Pietro; Mandrone, Emiliano; Roma, Fabio
2019-08-01Sweden’s fifteen years of communication effortsBoado-Penas, Maria del Carmen; Settergren, Ole; Ekheden, Erland; Naka, Poontavika
2019-07-31The Swedish NDC scheme: success on track with room for reflectionPalmer, Edward; Konberg, Bo