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  • Holzmann, Robert; Alonso-Garcia, Jennifer; Labit-Hardy, Heloise; Villegas, Andres M. (2019-08-01)
    A positive relationship between lifetime income and life expectancy leads to a redistribution mechanism when the average cohort life expectancy is applied for annuity calculation. Such a distortion puts into doubt the main ...
  • Holzmann, Robert; Robalino, David; Hernan, Winkler (2019-08-01)
    Defined contribution (DC) schemes – whether unfunded or funded – are often considered superior to defined benefit (DB) schemes in their ability to address labor market issues, particular in encouraging formal employment ...
  • Buchholtz, Sonia; Dominczak, Chlon-Agnieszka; Gora, Marek (2019-07-31)
    Poland’s pension system faces multiple challenges, including accelerating population aging. Early retirement policy aimed at mitigating mass exit from the labor market led to the rise of pension system economic dependency. ...
  • Checcucci, Pietro (2018-12-14)
    The paper attempts to provide an initial framing of the problematic relationship which intervenes between digital innovation and employability of older workers. The discussion will offer a possible interpretation of on-going ...
  • Palmer, Edward; Konberg, Bo (2019-07-31)
    Sweden’s reform began with a published sketch in 1992, and developed into nonfinancial defined contribution (NDC) legislation in 1994. This paper discusses the underpinnings of the Swedish NDC scheme’s financial stability, ...

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